Pure Redux Essentials by Dave Ceddia

Pure Redux Essentials

What's included?

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Welcome to the Course!
What is Redux? What's it for?
4 mins
The Basics
Start with a Plain React App
2 mins
Add Redux to the React App
11 mins
Your Turn: Add Redux
Redux Core Concepts
8 mins
Exercise: Step Counter
How the Reducer Works
10 mins
Exercise: Write Some Reducers
Immutability in Practice
What is Immutability?
3 mins
Why Immutability Matters to Redux
5 mins
How to Immutably Update Arrays
9 mins
Exercise: Immutable Arrays Practice
How to Immutably Update Objects
8 mins
Exercise: Immutable Objects Practice
Useful Extras
Easier debugging with Redux DevTools
7 mins
Exercise: DevTools Practice
Make API calls with redux-thunk
11 mins
Exercise: redux-thunk Practice
Easy immutability with Immer
5 mins
Exercise: Try Immer
How to Test a Reducer
5 mins
Exercise: Test This Reducer
How to Test Plain Action Creators
5 mins
Exercise: Test These Action Creators
How to Test Async (thunk) Actions
11 mins
Exercise: Test These Thunk Actions