Pure React Complete Package

Learn React, without all the libraries. If you've been stuck on tutorials for a while, unable to build React apps on your own... maybe it's time to try a different way. In this book you'll learn by focusing ONLY on React, and you'll remember it for good this time because of the included exercises. The Complete Package comes with beatifully-formatted PDF, ePub, and MOBI versions, plus all of the example code from the book, and solutions to the exercises so you can check your work.
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React + Redux Master Package

Want to learn React and Redux? Learn React first - by itself - then add Redux next. This bundle gets you the Pure React book (with code for the examples and exercise solutions), plus the Pure Redux video course. And as a bonus you also get React Context for State Management, so you can learn both Redux AND Context, and pick the best one for your project.
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Pure Redux Complete

Learn Redux step by step - starting with the basics. You'll understand all of the terminology - actions, reducers, the store, thunks, selectors... and how it all comes together to build a great React app. You'll also get React Context for State Management, a course on using the React Context API as a lightweight Redux alternative. Learn both, and pick the one that's best for your app!
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Pure Redux Essentials

Start with something you understand – plain React – and then build on it to learn Redux bit-by-bit. One concept at a time. You’ll intimately understand actions, reducers, thunks… all of it. Not only will you know how they fit together, but you’'ll know where to put them, too – because you built the structure with your own hands.
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Redux Basics

Learn the basics of Redux in this step-by-step tutorial. You'll learn what all the jargon means: actions, reducers, the store, thunks, middleware... and how the pieces fit together to make a working React app.
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Pure React + useEffect Over Lunch (3 pack)

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useEffect Over Lunch

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Pure React Complete Package + useEffect Over Lunch

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